David Shutes is a Bible teacher and conference speaker, particularly in French-speaking countries of Europe and Africa. American by birth, he has lived in France since 1976. He has been a professor at Geneva Bible Institute since 1992 and has taught in various Bible schools in Africa and Madagascar since 2006. He is the author of several published books which are available at present only in French.

Depending on his availability, David Shutes can be invited for conferences in France or other countries. He deals with a wide range of subjects in his teaching and speaking ministry. Even the diversity of subjects represented by the documents on this site does not cover all the aspects of his teaching. In general, those who invite him are asked to cover all the costs of his conferences, including travel expenses.

He is married, and is the father of two adult children. He has resided in the north part of the Burgundy region of France, in the town of Auxerre, for over twenty years. He is also very much involved in Evangelical scouting with “Evangelical Scouts of France” (“EEF” in French: “Éclaireurs Évangéliques de France”) as well as in humanitarian work for needy French-speaking countries.